What Recent Stats Say About USCIS Denver Office

Recent statistics from USCIS for the agency on FY Q1 and Q2 2014/15 have been published, indicating some not-so positive trends for our USCIS Denver District Office.

Approximately 78% of total N-400 applications (non-military) received were approved in Q1 . For Q2, this dipped to a 69% average.  When compared with USCIS offices across the US, this is below average. The rate of approval for Q1-Q2 was 86% nationally for all USCIS offices on non-military naturalizations.

A much more dismal below-average result occurred in the I-485 Adjustment Applications based on a family member. In Denver, only 50% was the rate between those applications received and approved in Q1, which increased up to 73% in Q2 for an average of 62%. Nationally, the average was 92% of those received were approved for the same time period. While not all of the other Denver I-485 applications are denied, there may be many still in queue to be adjudicated or referred to USCIS Fraud detection unit – perhaps more so than the average nationally. Nevertheless, it is not a positive trend compared to what is happening at USCIS local offices across the US for these types of applications.

USCIS processing for these types of applications has also slowed down over the past 6 months, lengthening from 3-4 month pending periods from filing to interview, to about 6-7 months on average.

If you have questions about an N-400 or I-485 application pending with Denver USCIS or if you wish to file such an application, you should consult with Denver attorney Catherine O. Brown for a consultation at 303-322-2117.