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Why Choose This Firm?
To understand better why you may be interested in my firm, I need to briefly explain my background. I became an immigration lawyer in a roundabout fashion. Growing up in the Midwest (Indiana) of the United States, I have always had a thirst for learning about the world—and the cultures, history, and people within it. I also have throughout my life had a consistent desire to serve others and create justice, especially for those in need. Conflicted about how to approach my professional life, I first studied abroad in London, England, to obtain a master’s degree in political science. My intention was to work in international business and trade or for a nonprofit.

I became employed as an international economist with Northern Trust in Chicago, Illinois, and succeeded in international banking, but I became disenchanted with my career. I began volunteering in various ways, including tutoring in English for immigrants in the Chicago community. I was deeply touched at how several immigrants were so driven to overcome immense obstacles—like English skills, exploitation, and discrimination—in order to improve themselves and to provide for their families. Many had to make such incredible sacrifices to get to the United States and then to thrive—it was awe-inspiring to witness. Thereafter, I truly was motivated to work in the immigrant community. I wanted to work with the actual people from these countries that I had analyzed and written about; rather than with the investment bankers who merely moved money in and out of those countries. Helping immigrants became my foremost passion. And I believed a law degree was the best way to do this.

So my firm focuses on personal service because I truly enjoy working with my clients and their families and co-workers to reach their various goals. I get great satisfaction out of building and maintaining personal and business relationships across borders, realizing an entrepreneur’s goal, protecting victims from persecution and violence, and generally assisting people within an often difficult and convoluted immigration system.

Personal service means working with your immigration lawyer from beginning to end. I understand the frustrating nature and costs associated with obtaining visas to bring family or employees to the U.S. Personal service also includes:

•Access to and quick response from an experienced, knowledgeable attorney from signing a fee agreement to green card approval—something that may be difficult for larger law firms to provide
•Integrity and transparency throughout the legal immigration process
•Educating clients to make them a partner in the solution and goal
•On-site visits and consultations for corporate and business clients
•Flat-fee arrangements, payments via cash, check or credit cards and payment plans based on the client’s financial needs

Our track record, attorney reputation, and client testimonials are indicative of the excellent legal services we have provided to our clients in Colorado, the United States, and around the world.

Experienced attorney Catherine Brown earned her JD at the University of Denver College of Law, a master’s in political science from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. Ms. Brown has practiced exclusively in immigration since 2002. For a full biography, please click here.

We predominantly bill on a flat-fee basis, meaning your costs are assessed at the beginning of the representation and there are no surprises as to what your bill is going to be. In some instances, hourly fees may be used instead, but your fee agreement and the attorney will make this clear at the time of hire so you know what to expect.

We understand the high monetary costs involved in your effort to obtain a visa or other benefit. Therefore, we believe we are reasonable about our flat-fee rates and how they are paid. Payment plans and credit cards are accepted. Discuss these options with your attorney prior to signing the fee agreement.

How We Work With You
Our attorney works with the client from beginning to end. This is because we value our clients and understand the need for personal service through a stressful and frustrating process. We also view the client as a partner, so we educate you on the requirements and procedures and value your input so we can clearly build the best case possible. We do have support staff to assist you directly with putting your case together, but you will always have access to your attorney throughout the process.

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