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TN or Treaty NAFTA visas were created from the North American Free Trade Agreement to allow nationals from Canada and Mexico with specific professional skills to enter the United States. The TN visa used to be granted in increments of one year but has now been extended to three-year increments. There is no limit on how many times a person can renew a TN visa. However, a TN visa holder must show intent to return home to his or her home country and thus, maintain ties to the U.S.

TN status is available only to Canadian and Mexican citizens who have job offers from U.S. employers in the United States. It is not available to noncitizen residents of Canada or Mexico, nor is it available to Canadians or Mexicans wishing to engage in self-employment. TN status is available for 63 specific professions. Each profession has its own specific requirements and should be reviewed by an attorney to determine eligibility. To qualify for a TN, the offered position must fall within the listed professions, and the Canadian or Mexican citizen must meet the specified requirements.

TN Visa Tips and Facts:
• There is no petition in the United States required for eligibility, so it is a fairly quick procedure for entering the U.S. for work purposes.

• Family members can join in TD status.

• A TN visa can be granted for a period of up to three years, with the option to renew for an indefinite period of time, unlike other types of visas like an H-1B or L-1.

The following professionals are permitted on a TN Visa:

TN Finance, Management and IT Visas: Accountants
The terms “state/provincial” and “state/provincial/federal license” mean any document issued by a state, provincial, or federal government, as the case may be, or under its authority, but not by a local government, that permits a person to engage in a regulated activity or profession. Computer Systems Analyst, Economist, Mathematician (including Statistician), Management Consultant, Technical Publications Writer, Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster

TN Design and Architecture Visas:
Architect, Graphic Designer (Web Designer), Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Land Surveyor, Landscape Architect

TN Hospitality Visas:
Hotel Managers

TN Engineer Visas:
Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Aeronautical, Biomedical Engineer, Agriculture, Automotive

TN Medical Visas/Health Professionals:
Dentist, Dietitian, Medical Laboratory Technologist (Canada)/Medical Technologist (Mexico and the United States), Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Physician (teaching or research only), Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Recreational Therapist, Registered Nurse, Scientific Technician/Technologist, Social Worker, Veterinarian, Vocational Counselor

TN Science Visas:
Agriculturist (including Agronomist), Animal Breeder, Animal Scientist, Apiculturist, Astronomer, Biochemist, Biologist, 8/ The term “Biologist” includes the profession of Plant Pathologist. Chemist, Dairy Scientist, Entomologist, Epidemiologist, Forester, Geneticist, Geochemist, Geologist, Geophysicist (including Oceanographer in Mexico and the United States), Horticulturist, Meteorologist, Pharmacologist, Physicist (including Oceanographer in Canada), Plant Breeder, Poultry Scientist, Soil Scientist, Zoologist

TN Professor/Teacher Visas: Research Assistant (working in a post-secondary educational institution), College Professor/Teacher, Seminary Professor/Teacher, University Professor/Teacher

TN Other Professionals Visas:
Lawyer/Attorney, Librarian, 5/ The term “Mathematician” includes the profession of Actuary. An Actuary must satisfy the necessary requirements to be recognized as an actuary by a professional actuarial association or society. A professional actuarial association or society means a professional actuarial association or society operating in the territory of at least one of the parties.

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