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Who We HelpA Wide Range of Immigration Issues


Families & Children
We frequently help Fiancés, Spouses, and Relatives of US Citizens or Residents deal with a wide range of visa and immigration issues – including… (visa / issue list)

Artists, Entertainers & Athletes
We are experienced in dealing with the visa issues unique to Artists, Entertainers & Athletes – including… (visa / issue list)

Students, Interns & Trainees
We help a wide range of Students, Interns, and Trainees obtain the right visas for the period of time they require to pursue and complete their education goals – including… (visa / issue list)

Employers & Employees
We work with employers and their employees to manage the range of visa issues and considerations associated with professional workers and their families – including… (visa / issue list)

Those seeking Green Cards and Citizenship
We help people through the process of obtaining Permanent Visas as Entrepreneurs, Extraordinary, Outstanding or Multinational Professionals – including those sponsored by US employers. These visa types include… (visa / issue list).

Additionally, we guide those seeking to obtain US Citizenship through this process.

Others in Need
Refugees, Asylees, and those being deported face unique challenges…

On August 15 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was launched by the Obama Administration. This program provides opportunities to get into a lawful status and obtain work authorization, driver’s license, and limited international travel rights. Get the latest information about what this means here

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