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Business Clients

Edith (E-2): “I can only highly recommend Catherine Brown for any Immigration issue. She has a great knowledge of the topic and she adopted with me and my companion a honest and conservative approach that drives us to a realistic approach of the process. She was highly committed to make our applications successful and has been demanding enough to secure the result of the process. So the outcome has been: The renewal of the Green Card of my companion and a first E2 visa for 30 months for me. Catherine totally met our expectations and once again we highly recommend her services.”
Posted on Avvo. Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Lennart (H-1B Holder, J-1 Physician Waiver, Immigrant Visa): “Catherine is an excellent immigration lawyer. She has been helping me knowledgably and patiently for years to navigate through the complexity of immigration law that faces a physician with a J1 visa background including a Conrad Waiver, a National Interest Waiver, closure of a facility for which the Conrad Waiver was approved, extensions and additions of the H1B visa status, an I-140 immigrant petition as well as a case file lost by USCIS. I strongly recommend her as an immigration lawyer.”

IT Recruiter Tim: “Catherine completed two H1B applications for us. She was thorough and delivered exactly the time she promised. No surprises along the way. She has since been a valuable asset to my firm in answer immigration law questions.”

Pierre (E-2): “Catherine has guided us patiently and effectively throughout the obtaining of a US Visa for my business partner Valerie Steinier. All across this lengthy and complex process, Catherine has constantly over delivered, keeping us gently but firmly on the right track. As a result Valerie has obtained her visa and is now living and working in Denver, Colorado. I recommend Catherine very warmly for anyone who needs assistance in US visa matters!”

Family Clients

Ali (I130 Motion to Reopen): “Catherine has represented me in my family based immigration petitions with USCIS. The outcomes were positive and I am very satisfied with her work as she stayed on top of everything. All the efforts that she has provided me not limited to immigration laws but also understanding my family values, culture, customs and most importantly she cares about my feelings for my family members. I would definitely recommend Catherine as an expert in her field.”

Lewis (Marriage to US Citizen): “Catherine worked with my wife & I on securing my visa to live in the US. After exploring countless avenues, and not leaving anything to chance, we successfully got my visa. Catherine worked tirelessly with me on making sure I knew exactly what was going on at each stage of the process, while remaining personable and really good fun! Without Catherine I would have been lost in a world of legal mumbo jumbo, and would not have stood a chance to be where I am right now!”

Paloma (J-1 Waiver/Special Citizenship Procedure): “I contacted Catherine when I was desperate about my immigrant situation. I had a 2 years-rule restriction and thus was not able to apply for an immigrant visa. We also wanted to get my daughter’s US citizenship through an N-600K, Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322a.

Catherine offered us different solutions, explained with detailed the process and timings, provide us checklists, timelines and other documents that explained the processes. Moreover she was always available to answer all our questions. Both processes (obtaining my daughter’s US citizenship, and getting a waiver to the 2-years-rule) are complicated and require tons of documents and affidavits. Catherine helped us to put together all the documents and affidavits with patience as most of our documents were in Spanish. She was always committed to our case and was keen to talk to us anytime we needed support. She answered all our mails in a timely manner.

One of the processes we followed was a waiver of the 2-years rule through exceptional hardship which we were told is a very complicate way to get a waiver. Catherine succeeded to get me the waiver and my daughter has become a US citizen.

Catherine was also very clear about her fees and gave us different ways to make the payments (as we live in Mexico). It was a pleasure to work with her and her team.”
Posted on Yahoo. Yahoo User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

David (I601 Waiver): “I would highly recommend Cathy. Her integrity and competence as a lawyer is unquestionable. She helped me through the very difficult process of getting my son and wife into the U.S. I have worked with her for several years and we finally were successful. It got to the point that I believe she wasn’t working for the money. She was working because she cared. She knew how depressed I was without my family and I knew she would not stop fighting for me until we won. Now I am the happiest man in the world and I won’t forget what she did for me. Cathy always answered my emails promptly and was well informed about the laws. she was very organized.”
Posted on Avvo. Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Rakesh (Spouse of a US citizen): “I chose Catherine as my attorney to handle my family-based green card application (she was referred to me by my company’s attorneys who are based in Boston). During the initial consultation, Catherine explained the whole green card process in detail and talked about all the costs, the in’s and out’s and possible complications. She was forthright, direct, and also very well versed on the whole immigration policies and procedures. She treated my case with equal importance as all her other cases and was very proactive in following up with the USCIS on status of my case. She pushed her USCIS liaison when there was a delay in the processing(without her, my case would still be sitting idle). Catherine attended the green card interview with my wife and I and she challenged the interviewer when irrelevant questions were being asked. I felt that Catherine provided the best possible service that you can expect and truly worked hard to earn her fees. She also delivered the results she promised. I will definitely not hesitate to engage Catherine’s services again in the future if the need arises.”

Susan (I-601 Waiver for Spouse): “During difficult immigration procedures, Catherine helped me out when I had very limited time and resources available. She was most knowledgeable, considerate, and was successful in her efforts with my immigration proceedings. We worked together for information gathering, payment schedules, and timely submissions. Because of her efforts, my husband came out of exile and is now a legal immigrant. I am very grateful for her professionalism and expertise. Our family is one to thank to her. I heartily recommend Catherine for legal matters of immigration.”

Other Clients

Luca (Citizenship): “Cathy is a very competent, efficient and personable attorney. I strongly recommend her to anybody who needs her services.”

Faisal (Green Card and Citizenship): “I used Catherine for both my green card application and citizenship. Catherine and her staff were a pleasure to work with. They were very quick in completing the application and asking the necessary questions to ensure the application was completely correct before submission. They provided updates throughout the process and called me immediately if anything was needed. As such, both applications went through without a glitch. Quite honestly, once you go through the immigration process, you will appreciate why it is so important to have a qualified attorney such as Catherine. I will certainly recommend Catherine to friends and family.”

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