New Global Entry Program : How Some International Travelers Can Expedite Entry into The U.S.

Travelers entering the United States have generally faced long waits in immigration and customs lines. Thanks to a new Global Entry program administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, certain pre-approved travelers can now clear customs quickly. Trusted travelers simply visit self-service kiosks located in major international airports throughout the U.S. and scan their passports. Travelers are also asked to give a fingerprint via electronic scan. After completing these simple steps, travelers are directed to baggage claim to retrieve their luggage.

In order to utilize Global Entry kiosks, travelers must apply for designation as a “trusted traveler.” Please note – only US citizens, legal permanent residents, citizens of the Netherlands who are enrolled Privium, Canadian NEXUS members, and citizens of Mexico are currently eligible for the program. Other countries will be added to this list soon. Most travelers will benefit from contacting experienced immigration lawyers to act as guides through the application process. The Global Entry program has been designed especially for frequent travelers, though there is no minimum number of trips to and from the U.S. required prior to application. Individuals who are in contact with a green card attorney may also wish to discuss this program with their lawyer.

The majority of Denver immigration lawyers are lauding the success of the Global Entry program. Slow immigration checkpoints can discourage business travelers who bring valuable skills and products into the U.S. By establishing the Global Entry program, the US. Customs and Border Protection agency has demonstrated an interest in supporting international business. The program also indicates an increased willingness to streamline procedures for immigration lawyers and their clients.

In addition to offering added convenience, the Global Entry program also gives international travelers added peace of mind. Many travelers, especially those who have not utilized the services of an immigration lawyer or green card attorney, have worried about gaining entry to the country. The pre-screening procedures established under the Global Entry program allow a traveler to gain clearance for entry prior to landing in an American airport. Assurance of entry into the country can make for more pleasant travel.

Business leaders and other individuals who travel frequently to and from the U.S. may wish to contract with Denver immigration lawyers to complete the Global Entry application process. Applicants must undergo a rigorous pre-screening process online and pay a filing fee. Upon successful pre-screening, entrants are required to participate in an interview with a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency official. You can begin your online enrollment to get pre-screened at this website

International travelers may wish to prepare for this interview in advance with a qualified lawyer. Upon successfully completing the interview, a traveler is cleared for the Global Entry program and can take advantage of a self-service kiosk when next entering the U.S.

For detailed questions about the program, I refer you to the FAQ listed here