Top 25 Technology Start-Ups in the Denver/Boulder Area

Top 25 Technology Start-Ups in the Denver/Boulder Area If you’re looking for a place to start up a technology company, the Denver/Boulder area is a prime location to consider. Many tech companies have gotten their start there recently. Some of these startup companies are completely focused on technology, while others have found ways to make the power of the Internet work for them based on what they want to sell or the service they have to offer. Here are 25 companies in the Denver/Boulder area that are new and/or notable, and that have made technology work for them in some way through their goals, focus and effort.

1). 3D Printing Channel – A network of web properties in the rapidly developing 3D printing arena.

2). LedgerX – A derivative exchange platform that is currently being developed.

3). Find My Audience – Software to help artists, writers, and other creative people find those who want what they have to offer.

4). Foraker Labs – Consultancy for web and mobile app development.

5). Kapow – An online marketplace for the viewing, scheduling, and creation of corporate events.

6). Closely, Inc. – A mobile application service for small businesses.

7). Placeable – Helping advertisers drive brand equity and market growth.

8). Discountrue – The best online coupons and coupon codes, all in one place.

9). Gaiam – A fitness and yoga brand working to help fulfill lives.

10). Sitter – A one-stop service for finding, hiring and paying a babysitter.

11). SQFT Inc. – A DIY real-estate portal.

12). New Relic – A software analytics company that uses metrics to provide great information.

13). Lightwave Logic – Polymer technology for the optical field.

14). Layer3 TV – A new generation of cable and home media provider.

15). Subsentio – Electronic surveillance solutions for law enforcement and others.

16). Telespine – Care that can be accessed through tablets, computers or phones.

17). Tectonic – Business services and technology, providing support for enterprise customers and mid-size businesses.

18). Favor – An on-demand delivery assistant that’s personalized to customer needs.

19). DFUZR – A full-service digital agency with a team of experts.

20). Liqid – Data center management that has been completely redefined.

21). EMS Software by DEA – Scheduling of meetings, events, academic requirements and more.

22). Jujo – IT and communication technologies, along with self-publishing and digital publishing options.

23). Wilbur-Ellis – A distributor and marketer of agricultural products.

24). BitsBox –  A kit in a box to teach kids how to program computers.

25). Green Chef – Offering healthy, organic meals and giving customers a new way to eat at home.

These 25 are only some of the up and coming tech companies located in and around the Denver/Boulder area. It’s a highly popular location for all kinds of companies, from those that are strongly focused on technology to others that are using technology and the power of the Internet to sell their wares. If you’re considering a tech startup, coming to the region can help you feel creative, be inspired and get your company moving forward.